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Why You Should Choose Us

Work With the Best

Medicare Star Rating

We Partner with Industry Experts:
Top physicians, orthopedic surgeons,
and CHAP accredited home health
agencies recommend Post-Acute
Rehab Solu+ons to provide you with
an elite, hands-on Rehab Program.
Our team of licensed therapists brings
advanced experience and the latest
technology to each patient.

Quality Care

Manual Therapy: We are dedicated
to the restoring function and we
believe in using our hands when
appropriate to help facility movement,
range-of-motion, strength, and

Specialty Certifications: Our
therapists are manually trained and
hold specialty certifications and
programs highlighted here.

Evidence Based Practice: We work
together with your surgeon &
orthopedic doctors to establish and
follow evidence-based protocols. We
integrate individual clinical expertise
with the best available research.


  • All PPO insurances

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid 

  • Molina

  • Workman's Comp

  • United Healthcare HMO

  • Cigna

  • LOPs

  • Wellmed

  • Humana PPO

  • Aetna PPO

  • BCBS

  • Scott & White PPO

  • Department of Labor

  • Superior Medicaid 


If there is an insurance not listed here, please contact us and it is likely that we do accept it.

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